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“Nikki Gregoroff writes musically intricate songs that fit her superb smooth vocal style…..her vocals are fine and soulful….”
– Backstage

“She has a vibrant vitality…..Nikki has a voice capable of a successful solo career”
– The New York Times

“Nikki Gregoroff is gifted enough to deserve a concert platform of her own”
– Time Magazine

“She has something special; she demonstrates the kind of vocal prowess and depth that make the listener want more and more……an important new singer who clearly deserves to be heard”
– New York Daily News

“….sensational vocalist, Nikki Gregoroff, possesses a soaring voice…..she stole the show- nearly blowing the roof off the amphitheater”
– Cashbox

“Nikki’s strong clean voice knocked ‘em dead in the aisles….”
– The Toronto Star







A spark – a glimmer flashes across the sky as three girls chase fireflies under a crabapple tree. Back then magic happened. A dry, five dollar bill is found in a snow storm. Secret letters appear under the wooden stairs. A young girl believes with her whole heart that she will be loved. And the seeds of these songs take root.

Many years later, while living in New York City and working with a whole host of interesting characters (JOE JACKSON, JEWEL, BRITNEY SPEARS, LADY GAGA, ROSEANNE CASH, BETTE MIDLER, ARIF MARDIN, ROB FUSARI, ENNIO MORRICONE, PHIL RAMON) the now-grown-up girl receives a note in a bottle. And it reads:

‘The spark & glimmer of the hummingbird. The song of the bird matters.
Repeat. The song of the bird matters’.

Spark! Songs are written and recorded. Stories of her life back in Canada. Long winters in a little white clapboard house. And hand to sky this is all she knows. So away we go.